What we do

Canvas is the last-mile data analysis tool, bringing data warehouses and data models to business teams. We provide a beautiful, performant, multiplayer interface for the data warehouse to business users in the paradigm they’re familiar with – spreadsheets.

Why our market is taking off

Data teams finally have the tools they need to model and manage their warehouses. The new bottleneck is sharing this wealth with business teams. Currently this is done in a maelstrom of CSV downloads, Excel analysis, and endless questions for the data team. There’s a growing need for business teams to be able to self-serve these requests – but data teams still own governance and lose control over work done in spreadsheets. As more companies become more data driven, this problem becomes more acute.

What we’ve built

Canvas is already being used by data and business teams. Our app allows business teams to explore their data library, import tables, filter and sort them, join them to other tables, add formulas, aggregate, and chart them – all without writing SQL. Users can collaborate within Canvas using multiplayer mode. And when data analysts join in, they can inspect and edit the underlying SQL, with modifications being reflected in the business user-facing UI.

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